Safa’s Choice: Cobs’ Chicago Mix

The latest popcorn snack variant from Cobs is named after the Windy City, Chicago, and it’s so good it will blow you away!

The flavours are big and bold with a combination of sweet, buttery caramel and extra tasty cheddar cheese: Sounds weird, but hell yeah – it’s delicious!

The latest popcorn snack from Cobs is a standout product, an unusual mix of savoury and sweet that’s sure to fly off the shelves.

To get the caramel popcorn tasting so good they’ve used raw and brown sugar together with brown rice syrup and fresh butter. A splash of pure vanilla adds a sweet, creamy taste.

Combine that with a generous seasoning of natural cheddar cheese that smashes your mouth with a big cheese taste. Cheese lovers: prepare to get your taste buds blown.

Together, it’s the 50/50 mix that delivers 100% on taste.

More and more people are into combining flavours, and folks will go crazy over this caramel and cheddar combination. Everyone in my office wept when we ran out. Its popularity is due to the sweet and savoury combinations.

Let’s not forget this delicious combination is gluten-free as well.

Cobs only uses premium popcorn, which they’ve been making in Australia since 2004.

Chicago Mix is available in a 175g size, priced at $4.75 (RRP). It’s also available from independent grocers and other specialty retailers. It can be purchased online at


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