Drivers to pay to use NRMA electric charging network

Electric vehicle users will have to start paying for use of the NRMA’s fast-charging network at certain sites starting this week.

The cost structure will commence at NRMA’s Sydney Olympic Park, Picton, and Wallsend charging stations this week before gradually rolling out across the whole network by the end of October.

The cost of charging will vary from 54 cents per KW up to 150KW and 59 cents per litre per KW up to 175KW for ultra-fast charging. Meaning it would cost drivers $27 to replenish 50KW at a 150KW NRMA charger or $29.50 at a 175KW charger.

To use and NRMA charging station, users will need to download the My NRMA app and complete payment through that.

The NRMA electric charging network has been free to all electric vehicle users since its inception in 2017, with the NRMA prioritising the roll-out of the network before seeking to apply costs to customers to give drivers confidence to consider an EV and get used to the charging process.

Once the payment system is rolled out across the whole network, a 10 per cent discount will apply for NRMA members.

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