Strike continues at Bega’s Penrith factory

Dairy workers at Bega’s Penrith factory continue to strike as they push for a wage rise that they believe recognises the rising cost of living.

The factory, which produces products such as Dare Iced Coffee and Bega cheese and employs roughly 100 people, has seen unionised workers on strike since Monday.

The United Workers Union (UWU) has stated that Bega is “lowballing” them with wage offers and that all they want is a fair pay rise in line with the profits the company has made.

“Dairy workers at Bega, who make Dare Iced Coffee, have been on strike since Sunday to win a fair pay rise that recognises rising cost of living!

“These workers rolled over their last agreement to help the company through a difficult period and have been rewarded by the company attempting to give them a real wage cut.

“Workers aren’t asking for the world – just enough to keep putting food on the table with the cost of groceries going through the roof!” the UWU said in a statement on Facebook.

Neil Smith, UWU national dairy coordinator, told The Sydney Morning Herald that the strike would affect the production of Dare Iced Coffee and result in “a bunch of angry tradies”.

“Workers out at Penrith don’t volunteer to take strike action lightly. They’ll be missing out on hundreds of dollars while they’re out the gate. But we need Bega to understand that sub-inflation pay rises aren’t going to cut it when our members are seeing housing costs double and other essentials increase threefold.

“UWU members are resolved to continue to strike for the foreseeable future, unless Bega provides a more acceptable wage offer.

“We need those tradies to know the ball is in Bega’s court.”

Bega was contacted for comment.

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