Drone delivery being trialled at Japanese 7-Eleven

A 7-Eleven in Nokonoshima Island in Fukuoka City, Japan, is trialling 20-minute drone delivery as part of a Japanese project demonstrating the safety and practicality of drone delivery in suburban areas.

The trial project, conducted by aviation company ANA Holdings, 7-Eleven Japan, and drone company ACSL, launched a drone from 7-Eleven Hinode Ogonu Store to four separate destinations in Hinode Town, reported Japanese journal Logi-Biz.

Once operational, the drones will use the parking lots of 7-Elevens to load the drones with up to 5kg of product and with Japan home to more 7-Eleven’s than anywhere else in the world, with over 21,000 stores across the country and roughly 2,825 stores in Tokyo alone, the potential could be huge.

“There are currently no shops that sell general goods on Nokonoshima, so residents need to take the ferry to the city to do their shopping. During the tests, it was found that goods could be delivered within 20 minutes of being ordered,” stated journal Logi-Biz.

The Japanese Government is planning to lift the current “Level 4” ban in Tokyo, which restricts drones from flying autonomously over densely populated ground without assistance, allowing 7-Eleven to begin drone deliveries.

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