EG Group goes high-tech to boost worker productivity across its network

EG Group has introduced AI-powered workforce management systems into 540 of its Australian sites, to boost the productivity of its 1,200 workers.

EG has enlisted the intelligent workforce management solutions of Reflexis Systems through their Real-Time Task Manager to, it says, simplify communications and improve task executions.

The technology will streamline working by introducing intelligence-led alerts and audit processes. EMEA, Reflexis Managing Director OP Choudhary said they were looking forward to supporting EG as they expanded their operations in Australia.

EG Group Founder and Co-CEO Mohsin Issa said they planned to expand the services, to more effectively schedule solutions across their operations.

“As a leading convenience retail network operator of circa 6,250 sites across 10 international markets employing in excess of 55,000 colleagues, it is of utmost importance that we enable our teams to better manage and more effectively analyse labour modelling,” he said.

“Our aim is to optimise labour costs, expedite speed of service and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. I am confident our teams will appreciate the Reflexis solutions platform we are investing in.”

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