EPA release Flipchart for petrol station operators

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria has released a free resource for petrol and service stations in Victoria.

The resource is designed to assist with the protection of the environment and public safety within the community.

According to the EPA website, the Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) resource is: “A handy guide with practical information designed to help service station operators and staff to prevent and manage leaks, spills and other hazards, often with simple actions that fit easily into their daily routine”.

EPA executive director of practice and assurance Chris Webb said the UPSS resource would be going out to 1,400 service stations across Victoria.

“The Flipchart gives the service station operator or staff member easily understood technical information and quick access to emergency contacts, all in a handy format that hangs on the wall,” Mr Webb said.


The UPSS Flipchart includes safety check lists, emergency contacts, technical and maintenance information, procedures for leaks and spills as well as guidance for legal requirements,


Mr Webb said: “There’s even a section on what to do with waste tyres, old car batteries and used sump oil – things you can’t just throw in the bin”.

“It’s amazing how many types of businesses use UPSSs: think of airports, hospitals, marinas, transport companies, car dealerships, golf courses, ski fields and fuel depots.  The downloadable Flipchart is easily accessible for all of them,” he said.


“The UPSS Flipchart gives them a simple but effective tool for maintaining their improved protection of the local environment and public safety.”

While the resource is being mailed out across Victoria, it is also available for download from this link.



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