Excitement builds for the 2023 C&I Expo and Symposium

The C&I Expo is just weeks away and is shaping up to be a blast with 120 exhibitors, an elite line-up of industry speakers, and $50k of stock to be given away.

The 2023 C&I Expo is held over two days on 19-20 October at the ICC Sydney, showcasing best industry practices and cutting-edge innovation. Visitors will experience the latest in convenience products, services, and merchandising, as well as hear from some of the industry’s leading minds.

Michael Brick, General Manager of Meris, is speaking as part of the panel on the topic ‘Future Proofing Convenience Retail’ at the symposium on day one and will offer insight into future proofing business’ food-to-go offer.

“We know consumer expectations are rapidly growing for higher quality food options and increased variety in P&C outlets. I will discuss the pitfalls that are associated with expanding further into food and offer guidance on how to navigate these to build a profitable food offer.”

Brick explained that it is very important for the industry to work together and that to continue to grow, the industry must be constantly innovating and evolving as a group.

“We want customers to view P&C as more than a place to get their fuel. By expanding the quality and variety of food available, customers’ expectations will shift of what is expected from P&C, and so will their buying habits. No longer is P&C just a place for fuel and a pack of chips, but a destination for high quality food that drives profitability considerably.”

There is also a massive $50,000 worth of stock to be given away to one lucky retailer, featuring products from Coca-Cola EuroPacific Partners, Sanitarium, Carman’s Kitchen, Meris, Funday Sweets, Ty Beanies, Vend Data Media Solutions, Off Piste, Halo Food Co, and many more.

The giveaway is open to independent convenience, petrol, and grocery retailers, who simply need to attend the expo and be there for the draw for the chance to win big.

Brick said that the Meris team looks forward to being part of the C&I Expo every year.

“It’s great catching up with familiar faces we have worked with for a long time, as well as meeting new people. The breakfast event is always a highlight, discovering new ideas, hearing different perspectives and future trends. As a panellist at this year’s symposium, I’m humbled to be a representative for the food industry and to provide insight and guidance to P&C operators on building their food offer.”

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