Expanded Caltex and Woolworths partnership begins

Caltex and Woolworths have today launched an expanded loyalty partnership that will help deliver more value and savings to Australian consumers.

The new partnership will allow Woolworths Rewards’ 11.2 million members to earn Woolworths Points on fuel and in store purchases at over 680 newly participating Caltex locations across Australia. These stores join an existing network of 538 Caltex Woolworths Petrol sites where Rewards members are already earning points.

In addition, members that spend $30 or more at Woolworths Supermarkets can make their money go further by redeeming their 4 cents per litre discount on fuel at 125 new Caltex-branded locations. These stores join an existing network of 104 Caltex sites that already accept the Woolworths fuel discount offer.

“At Caltex, everything we do is to make our customers lives a little easier. We’re absolutely committed to bringing the best value for our customers and this new partnership with Woolworths Rewards will help them save money,” said Richard Pearson, Executive General Manager of Caltex’s Convenience Retail division.

“We want to give our customers rewards every time they fill up, so I’m pleased this will help them unlock savings on grocery and other purchases. We are also excited that the scale of the Caltex network will make it more convenient for Woolworths Rewards members to access discounts on fuel prices at our stores,” Richard Pearson added.

“At Woolworths we’re always looking for ways to provide our Rewards members with greater value on their every day purchases,” said Ingrid Maes, Director of Loyalty, Woolworths.

“With over 680 new Caltex locations it will now be easier for Rewards members to grow their points balance even faster. Rewards members will earn 1 point for every $1 spent on fuel and in store purchases, and can use their points to get money off their shop at Woolworths Supermarkets, BWS and Big W, or convert them to Qantas Points.

“Additionally Woolworths customers will also have more convenient locations to access the popular 4 cents per litre fuel discount. This expanded partnership is a win for customers looking to obtain even greater value from their Woolworths shop,” concluded Ingrid Maes.

Woolworths and Caltex are also working together to co-create and rollout a co-branded market-leading convenience offering at select locations in 2019.


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