Introducing Vodafone Combo Plus

Prepaid Combo Refresh: More Data than Ever with 35 Days to Use It

We’ve listened, and we are shaking up the Prepaid Market! Prepaid can be complicated, so we want to keep it simple and give our customers the best value for money with simpler plans, more data than ever, more inclusions and more time to use it with our 35 day expiry on all $40+ plans. The future is exciting. Ready?

What’s changing?

On the 6th September we are simplifying our prepaid plans by merging our Talk and Data Combo to create new Combo Plus plans that include both standard international calls (IDD) and Data. We are also increasing the base data inclusions and aligning Prepaid IDD minutes and zones to our Postpaid plans, covering 90 countries!

Score a Massive 17GB on our $40 Combo, and 30GB on our $50 Combo with an Extra Week to use it on all $40+ Combos.

Essential Information:

What’s in it for me?

An easier sales conversation with clear and simple offers providing more data than ever. No one else is offering 35-day expiry, so we have a clear point of difference and less competitor comparison objections.

What’s in it for the customer?

More value for money and less wastage with only 10 recharges a year. Uncomplicated recharge options, which are the most competitive in the market, with both included international minutes and data.

What’s the soundbite?

-Huge data inclusions
-More IDD countries than ever before with Zone 1 & Zone 2 inclusions covering 90 countries
-Extra week of usage with 35 day expiry from $40, giving customers more time to use their inclusions
-Choice of expiry with 7 days, 14 days, 28 days and 35 days.

Phase out of Old Plans

With our new Prepaid Combo Plus plans, the following plans will be retired from market and no longer be available for new customers to connect to: Data Combo, Talk Combo, MyMix.

-Existing customers will be able to continue to recharge on MyMix and Data or Talk Combo
-Existing customers also have the option to recharge on our new Combo Plus plans
-Once exsisting customers have recharged on the new Combo Plus plan, they will not be able to return to recharging on MyMix, Data or Talk Combo.

We’ll be campaigning to customers via SMS and email promoting our new Prepaid Combo Plus plans.

FAQ’s to help you answer customer queries:

I am a current Vodafone Prepaid customer. Will I automatically get this offer when I next recharge?
-Yes, provided that you select the New Combo Plus recharge option. Note: 35 day expiry only applies on $40+ Combo plans and isn’t an expiring offer.
I am currently with another provider (e.g. Optus). Can I get this deal?
-Ask if they are in contract. If they are, they may need to wait until their contract has finished. If they are out of contact, they can switch over to Vodafone Prepaid today!
I am currently with another provider and I am out of contract. I want to switch over, but can I keep my number?
-Yes, you can easily port your number over. You will just need your account number (found on your last bill or by calling your provider).
Who can get this offer?
-This offer is available to all new and existing customers who activate a valid Starter Pack or $2 SIM on a $30 (or higher) Combo or recharge onto a new Combo Plus.
Do I get it on activation?
-Yes, provided you select Combo Plus Recharge
Will you still run bonus data offers?
-We can’t give anything away yet, stay tuned for more info.
What happens if I finish my data within 35 days?
-You can purchase a data add-on as per usual or recharge to renew the combo.
What about existing Starter Packs in channel?
-All existing Starter Packs will have the new inclusions. This means $10 SIMs increase to 4GB, $30 to 6GB, $40 to 17GB, $50 to 30GB.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Vodafone Combo Plus”

  1. Elizabeth Roberts

    For a low user of mobile phone and text, it is a very poor and unsuitable plan. I would not recommend it to family and friends

  2. As an infrequent user of mobile and text 365plus suited me fine,now that has become defunct, I’ll start looking for a new provider.

  3. I will retain my Talk Combo which give me 1000 minutes to talk to South Africa.

    With the Combo Plus you lose 900 minutes international calling time as Zone 2 only give you 100 minutes international calling time.

  4. I am finding Vodafone very poor. I can’t make international calls at all. The technology department has been in touch almost daily for a month and right now still unavailable to call internationally. Extremely disappointed.

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