Fanta reinvents with teen jelly drink

Shake the can ten times, and it will activate pieces of jelly in the drink. C&I is yet to try this out.

After months in the waiting, Coca-Cola has released a new Fanta variant, one which turns to jelly when you shake the can!

The new products are aimed at a young market, primarily teens, and looks as if it follows on from trends in bubble tea and other Asian-style, ready-to-drink products.

Coca-Cola South Pacific is classifying the two Fanta variants (Jelly Fizz and Sour Tingle) as part of a new “sensory range”.

C&I Week first reported on the NPD after it was revealed at the 2016 Ezymart Trade Show by Coca-Cola, then spruiked as ‘Fanta Wonders’.

The marketing includes instructions to shake the can 10 times to activate a blend of “juicy liquid jelly pieces” in the case of Jelly Fizz, while Sour Tingle is, as the name would suggest, “loaded with extreme sours and tingles”.

Jelly Fizz is available in orange and raspberry flavours, and Sour Tingle is available in berry.

C&I Week is expecting a delivery of samples in the coming week, and will deliver a full review of the product an upcoming newsletter.

The new range is available in 4x200ml packs, while the Jelly Fizz is also available in single cans.

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