Flavour innovation brews at Cafe Royal

Still roasting hot from a successful launch into the Australian market in 2015, Café Royal is keeping the temperature high with the release of three new flavours.

The new flavours include: Agent’s Choice – a creamy, full bodied espresso with complex notes of red pepper and cinnamon; Doppio – an extra intense creamy Espresso with rich roasted aromas and a nutty, woody note; and Decaffeinato – a mild coffee with fresh acidity that lends this espresso to a particularly harmonious taste.

Supporting the launch is a new advertising campaign featuring Robbie Williams. The new advertisement titled ‘The Agent’s Choice’ will be shown on a number of Australian TV channels nationwide.

“We’re really proud of our three new flavours hitting the Australian market”, says Garry Browne, managing director of Stuart Alexander & Co Australia.

“Café Royal had a fantastic launch last year and I’m excited to see the continued growth of the brand in the competitive Australian coffee market with these three distinct and delicious coffee flavours.”

The new flavours are available at Woolworths. Alongside the three new flavours, Café Royal’s Classic Range includes Espresso, Espresso Forte, Lungo Classico and Lungo Forte flavours.

The Classic Range is available in brightly-coloured decorative packs of 10 at Woolworths supermarkets and will be ranged at IGA supermarkets from late July.

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