Forbidden Foods launches plant-based meat range

Forbidden Foods has launched a range of long shelf-life plant-based meats through its Sensory Mill brand.

The plant-based meats include chicken, pork, and beef imitations that are dry and rehydratable so they can be stored on shelves and in pantries for up to 24 months.

C&I spoke to Marcus Brown, CEO of Forbidden Foods, about the new range and what sets it apart from its competitors.

“Sensory Mill products have two main differentiators from its competition. Firstly, Sensory Mill products can be stored in ambient, dry environments for up to two years. Making it easy to keep, and store and deliver for warehouses and suppliers, as it does not require refrigeration.

“Secondly, the product does not just come as burgers, sausages, and the like, but it can used utilised by the consumer in various ways as a meat substitute for their cooking.”

Brown said they are currently working to secure strategic partners through its existing network of over 8000 supermarkets including independent IGAs, Woolworths, and Coles, building volume and distribution points.

“Sensory Mill has pork, chicken, and beef products on sale right now on its e-commerce store. The products are also set to be rolled out in key stores across Australia. We are also engaging with our existing export partners in China and Southeast Asia who can support the brand in market.”

Noticing that people are becoming more health conscious and are wanting to eat plant-based meats for health reasons, Brown said was one of the drivers in the creation of the new range.

“Alongside this, consumer preferences are changing, as they just want diversity in their diets, while not necessarily being a vegan or vegetarian. Plant-based meats can also help avoid long-term food insecurity, as hundreds of millions of people around the globe are undernourished. And more consumers are wanting their food to be sustainably sourced, reducing their carbon footprint through the food they purchase.”

Targeting those who live active lifestyles and who actively pursue new ways to improve their health and the world around them, the new range has been well received.

“We are not surprised as the product was developed for people who want to substitute meat in a range of their cooking recipes. Hence our focus on not creating a ‘fake burger’ per se, but base ingredients that with the right balance of nutrition that can be used in a variety of dishes.”

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