On-the-go indulgence

A true piece of Aussie ingenuity, Signature Desserts’ single-serve cheesecakes have indulged Australian’s for over 20 years.

Created by Trevor Hansen, the innovative packaging for the 100g cheesecake wedge is optimally designed for impulse purchases and easy on-the-go eating, with a spoon included inside the pack.

Hansen owned and operated an industrial snack bar and was looking for a way to sell his famous cheesecake as an all-inclusive product when he came up with the ingenious design.

Fast forward twenty years and their business provides local jobs for the community by employing a diligent team and investing in the latest technologies and machinery, enabling the company to produce over 4 million single serves per annum.

All Signature Dessert products are made using all-natural and high-quality ingredients without fillers, artificial colours, or flavours. The current cheesecake range offers three different flavours – lemon, vanilla bean with strawberry coulis, and mango.

A shift in consumer behaviour has seen shoppers have a greater desire for sweet treats as a form of self-care, relaxation, and escapism. While individually wrapped, portion-sized items increased in popularity driven by the need for better food safety and sealed packaging.

Stocking Signature Desserts refrigerated single-serve and twin-pack fruity cheesecakes enables you to capitalise on the escalating fast-food market and meet the consumer demand for innovative, ready-to-eat desserts.

The cheesecake range, which is known for its smooth and dense consistency, comes in a variety of pack options – a nine-unit carton of a single flavour, a mixed carton with six of each flavour, and a mixed pallet.

Signature Desserts is continuously working to bring new and return customers in-store, by investing in social media campaigns and activations as well as the launch of its annual Cheesecake Challenge, and various other in-store competitions.

With an attractive retail price, the Signature Desserts Cheesecake is available in single and twin packs, making them easy to display, sell, and consume.

For sales enquiries contact PFD Food Services or Metcash or for more information visit signaturedesserts.com.au.

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