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Four’N Twenty drives excitement with Traveller innovations

Four’N Twenty, the market leading pie brand in the Australian hot, on the go savoury category, continues to innovate in direct response to the consumer trend of snacking more throughout the day.  

Four’N Twenty originally established the Traveller range as the perfect on the go pie format due to its unique shape, designed for portability and the convenience of a one-handed eat. 

With 67 per cent of consumers agreeing that they regularly seek convenient all-day grazing options, the Four’N Twenty Traveller range has expanded with the addition of its newest innovation, the Traveller Pizza. 

Reimagining an Italian favourite, the Traveller Pizza range is packed full of flavour with two mouth-watering options – Meat Lovers and Hawaiian. The perfect choice for hot pizza to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Meat Lovers is packed full of shredded ham, bacon, and slow-cooked beef in a smoky BBQ sauce with melted cheese in a golden pizza pie. The Hawaiian flavour features melted tasty cheese, shredded ham, and juicy pineapple in a golden pizza pie.

Anand Surujpal, General Manager of Marketing and Innovation, Patties Foods, says the Four’N Twenty Traveller Pizza is the perfect marriage of two fan favourites.

“As a market leader, we set the pace for innovation with new, exciting flavours and formats within the convenience sector.”

The Four’N Twenty Traveller Pizza is ranged at Woolworths and can also be found in convenience store pie warmers.

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