Petrol World Summit heads to Singapore

Fuel summit for Singapore in 2020

PetrolWorld has announced its fuel retail and distribution summit, PW Summit Singapore 2020, will take place in Singapore on 16 and 17 June 2020.

Day 1 will see the 4th PW Fuel Retail Conference being held with a special focus on ‘Technology’.  Day 2 will see the introduction of the 1-to-1 Business Meeting schedule.

The Asia Pacific region is the most significant developing fuel retail region in the world. The Asia Pacific region demand for energy is likely to rise by 50% and oil by 40% over the coming 2 decades. On the fuel supply side development of the fuel retail network and fuel distribution infrastructure are a huge challenge.

In South East Asian fuel retail markets, employing technology (mobile payments), loyalty programmes and generating revenues from ancillary services like the c-store are now fundamental to network development.

PetrolWorld has held PW Business Forums around Asia since 1998. This includes China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The group has been unique in working with the indigenous market players both in approach and event attendance.



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