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New Sunrise’s I.C.E.WORKS conference a success

New Sunrise set sailNew Sunrise’s conference, I.C.E.WORKS ‘19 in San Francisco, California (29 July – 2 August) was a great success according to New Sunrise’s Managing Director, Steve Cardinale.

“Each year, we always aim for retailers and suppliers to come away with a greater understanding of the changes in both the c-Store and food and beverage industries and how New Sunrise will support and drive growth across our retail network,” said Cardinale. “I believe we have delivered on this in San Francisco.”

The business session was broken into four key sessions of: Learning, Inspire, Network and Connect. During the “Learning” session, attendees heard from Industry experts, sharing their views, results and predictions for future.

New Sunrise

The “Inspire” sessions featured an array of speakers, presenting short ignite topics, designed to challenge ways of thinking with actionable initiatives that can be effected immediately.

“Network” sessions featured insight into some New Sunrise retail members, to understand their business and share best practices.

And finally, during the “Connect” sessions, attendees had time to engage and connect with all delegates, both retailers and suppliers, to share information and stories.

New Sunrise conference 2019At the business session, Cardinale outlined his views on a changing industry, and how the independents are leading the charge. “I believe that Independent business always expect the unexpected. We are the first to step off a secure path and search for new and different ways. As Independents, we are successful because we are fast to act, we are agile, careful and above all caring. This is our advantage”.


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