Fuse Mobile Phone Accessories

Fuse is offering their best selling three-USB Car Charger and three-USB Wall Charger in a CDU with the ever popular Lightning & Micro USB Charge and Sync Cables, for a limited time.

As the tech world is ever changing, the newly released Fuse Mobile Phone Accessories has gone one step further by offering 3 USB ports to their Car Charger & Wall Charger allowing you to charge 3 devices simultaneously.

The new highly spec’d 8000mAH Powerbank rounds out the range offering a portable charger that will charge your phone up to 4 times before needing to be recharged, meaning that YOU stay connected….

Increase sales in your tech category by adding the range of Fuse Mobile Phone Accessories today.

For any orders or enquiries on Fuse Mobile Phone Accessories or Fuse Audio products please contact Pacific Optics on 1300 237 425 orders@pacificoptics.com

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