So Good™ shakes up market with flavoured almond milk on-the-go

Widespread consumer acceptance of the taste of almonds, their naturally functional benefits and positioning as a superfood over the last five years has led to a Dairy-Free movement , resulting in rapid growth in the grocery channel. Total almond milk sales, including blends, grew 26% to $65.7M last year.

“As the market leader for this segment in the grocery channel, and with 1/3 of new buyers entering the category through the So Good brand , we see a great opportunity to introduce our products to the petrol and convenience channel and provide something new to shoppers to meet their changing needs,” explained Emma Seberry, So Good Senior Brand Manager.

While over 50% of Australian consumers purchased flavoured milks in the last year, this category has traditionally skewed toward males, due to negative perceptions around its sugar and calorie content. “Consumers currently see a massive trade-off between something healthy and something full of flavour, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” explained Ms Seberry.

The new So Good™ range offers a dairy and gluten free milk alternative that still delivers on the taste benefits of flavoured milks. It has the added nutritional benefits of being made from delicious, wholesome ingredients such as almonds, dates, coconut cream, and cocoa and is between 30 – 40% lower in sugar than regular flavoured dairy milks , while still being high in calcium.

“This will be our biggest launch for the So Good brand in 2017 and we will be delivering an unprecedented campaign to ensure our trade partners have the best support possible as we go into the convenience channel”.

So Good’s new range will be launched in May at $4.49 RRP in three mouth-watering flavours; Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Coconut and Date Caramel.

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