Glad partners with REDcycle

In what will be welcomed news to consumers mindful of their environmental impact, Glad has now become more sustainable.

The brand have partnered with soft plastic recycling program REDcycle, run in Coles and Woolworths stores, where customers can now recycle both Glad wrap and snap lock bag products.

Neither product contains PVC, allowing for it to be recycled. Initially developed in Melbourne in 2011, there are now more than 2,000 REDcycle drop off points across Australia. To date it’s estimated the bins (which collect plastic that can’t be recycled through traditional recycling bins) have saved 3,350 tonnes of soft plastic from landfill. This has then been turned into furniture and road materials.

Announcing the partnership, Clorox marketing director Joy Delis said it was a positive move.

As sustainability continues to be a key focus for consumers, it’s vital that brands make it a priority to provide consumers with sustainable product solutions.”

Cling wrap is one of the most commonly mentioned film plastic types that consumers enquire about when it comes to recycling. We’re delighted that, through this partnership, we can support our customers in reducing their impact on the environment by providing them with the first fully-recyclable Glad Wrap on the market.”

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