Chicken a hot seller for QSR’s

Burgers are still the top pick for quick service restaurants, but chicken is proving to be a hot contender.

New figures from market researchers NPD Group found that chicken sales in QSR’s are increasing at a faster pace (2.8%) compared with traditional market leader burgers, which grew just 1.6% between 2017-19.

And it’s millennial consumers driving the trend. According to NPD, the generation (considered to be those aged 18-34), made up 42% of the industry’s total chicken sales. And they have a particular penchant for wings and nuggets, thought to be due to the lower price point. The average spend on chicken per visit was put at $9.38.

The research also found families are taking up the trend, with sales in this category rising 14% in the last year. Store promotions, value packs and limited edition menu items are thought to have pushed this, with 37% of consumers having taking up one of these deals.

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