Golden Gaytime debuts 3 new flavours

Sleigh My Name Gaytime. Source:

Golden Gaytime is set to release three new flavours in the lead-up to the Australian summer.

The four new flavours included are Ultimate Unicorn Tail, Bacon Me Crazy and Sleigh My Name. The Original Gaytime Crumbs will also be available for purchase.

For a limited time, the new flavours will be available to order, handmade for $7.50 each in Sydney.

For those of you who do live in the city, the Gaytime Crumb Shed pop-up will be at Myer Giftorium, Level 6, 436 George Street.

Jessica Hume from Streets Marketing said: “Aussies went Crumb Shed crazy for the limited edition crumb creations at out last pop-up”.

“We’re thrilled to bring it back this time for our fans, with the support of Myer. We anticipate lines will be out the door,” Ms Hume said.

“We want the love of our new crumb creations to live beyond the one-off experience in store.

“Sprinkle the delicious crumbs on your ice cream, get creative with cocktails or just eat them by the spoonful straight from the tin, because there’s no better time than Christmas to indulge a little bit.

“We expect our special crumb tins to fly off the shelves, so get in early because first in, first served.”

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