Kanguru launches national sampling campaign at Polo in the City events

The Polo in the City events kicked off last week at Sydney’s Centennial Park.

Kanguru will be sampling at the events, helping event goers make the most of their day, kicking it off with a smart & clean energy lift.

Kate Dalwood, Kanguru Chief Marketing Officer said “After launching in June this year, the Polo in the City events are a great opportunity for us to give people the opportunity to try Kanguru! Tasting is truly believing with Kanguru, our refreshing citrus flavour is a pleasant surprise to most people who are used to not enjoying the taste of energy drinks.”

“Kanguru is the better for you energy drink, with zero sugar and a smooth energy lift that doesn’t result in the crash like many other energy drinks do. Making Kanguru perfect for people who are discerning about what they consume, which we know attendees at Polo in the City are.”

Over 90% of the caffeine in Kanguru comes from 5 premium botanicals – Korean Red Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Guarana, Schisandra and Green Tea, which were chosen as they deliver a cleaner smarter energy lift. Kanguru also contains 6 B-vitamins which help to support the body in converting food into energy. Each ingredient chosen for Kanguru is included for a purpose, and is used in beneficial not token amounts.

“I’m proud of the ingredients chosen to be included in Kanguru says founder and CEO Dr David Kitchen, unlike many of the existing drinks on the market Kanguru fully discloses the amount of each of the botanicals and vitamins used on the can, we have a lot to celebrate and nothing to hide!”

As well as sampling, Kanguru is sponsoring the “Kanguru Men’s Dash” – a popular event held at the half way mark of the day where men can go from being mere runners, becoming Dash legends with the chance to win some great prizes.

Kanguru has a RRP of $4.95 and the growing number of available stockists can be found here: http://www.kanguruenergy.com.au/stockists/

Polo in the city will continue through November and December:

Brisbane – 24th November

Melbourne – 1st December

Perth – 8th December

Adelaide – 14th December

For more information go to: www.kanguruenergy.com.au or www.polointhecity.com

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