Insect chocolates hit IGA shelves

Insect snacks creeping onto IGA shelves

Health food bars made from ‘organic crickets’ are now being stocked at IGA stores across Australia.

Grilo Protein is a Byron Bay based company which aims to create ‘better health, sustainable and future-conscious’ food.  According to the company, insects are nutrient-dense, sustainable and ‘taste delicious’.

Rob Outridge, from IGA Maleny, Queensland said he initially thought the product was not a serious offering.

“When I was first approached to taste one of our new cricket Energy bars, I thought someone was pulling my leg,” said Outridge. “After I got over the initial shock and tasted the Choc mint bar, I was amazed how tasty it was.”

“Not only that, the cricket powder is organic, the product is dairy free, Gluten free and Paleo – a truly healthy, tasty snack, with a great point of difference! When you combine this truly unique product with the support we have received from the Grilo Protein team, ranging this brand is a no brainer for us,” Outridge said.

Priced at $17.99 for a box of four 45g bars or $4.49 each, the gluten and dairy-free bars are high in protein and come with a range of vitamins, fibre and minerals.

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