Halo Top

More Halo Top flavours arrive at Caltex

Halo Top
More Halo Tops in Caltex

Cult ice cream brand, Halo Top, has announced three of its flavoured has expanded its distribution through petrol and convenience.

Three Halo Top flavours – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter Cup — are now available in Caltex stores nationwide.

Halo Top ice cream was founded by Los Angeles lawyer Justin Woolverton in 2012 and launched in Australia in 2016.

Mr Woolverton, a self-described “ice cream afficiondo”, wanted to eat low-calorie ice cream made with natural ingredients that still tasted good.

The brand’s big selling point is that a whole tub of the low-sugar, low-fat dessert contains between 280 and 360 calories. That’s about a third of the calories in some other ice cream brands.

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