Grinders Coffee Roasters: Delivering quality and consistency in every cup

Starting your day right means starting with a quality cup of coffee; and who better than Grinders Coffee Roasters to ensure you get the quality coffee you deserve! Their philosophy is simple – produce that perfect cup of coffee.

Grinders Coffee was born on the streets of Melbourne by coffee powerhouse Giancarlo Gusti, who created a coffee brand to enjoy with his friends; and now 60 years on, Grinders continues to dedicate itself to sourcing, roasting, and delivering the best single origin and blended coffee in Australia.

Grinders Coffee is one of the largest roasters in Australia and in addition to their flagship Grinders brand, they have a successful portfolio of other leading brands such as Giancarlo, SoCo and a variety of capsules under the Nespresso and the Caffitaly systems. Not to mention the custom roasting and branded packaging supplied to hundreds of cafes around the country!

Sustainability is a key part of Grinders Coffee’s success in Australia as they continue to strive to deliver more sustainable options for their customers. The new Grinders compostable capsules, launched this year, is a true testament to that commitment. The capsules, roasted and packed in Melbourne, are made from bio-based compostable resin, and enable the capsule, lid and contents to be disposed of for industrial composting. Grinders is only one of handful of coffee roasters delivering coffee that is better for the planet but still retains the flavour.

When you order from Grinders Coffee, you can be guaranteed of the quality and consistency of their coffee and its origins from around the world.

With the help of their master roaster and bean hunters, they source high grade green beans from South and Central America, Africa, India, East Timor, Indonesia, and PNG, including micro-lots direct from farms. They also partner with leaders in sustainability, including Rainforest Alliance, to ensuring ethical sourcing, and manufacturing excellence throughout their entire production line.

Every part of the process is nothing short of perfection. The roasting, blending and ratio refinement processes undertaken to create coffee is truly an unteachable art form.

Grinders Coffee Roasters Master Roaster, Giuseppe Cianchi (yes there is a Master Roaster), puts it, “becoming a master in any profession requires a high level of skill that can only be obtained with years and years of practice.”

They strive for excellence in quality and efficiency, and work with one of the industry’s leading roasting experts to ensure their roasting processes are optimised for quality and consistency, enabling them to deliver better outcomes for customers and the environment.

The roastery in Melbourne is where all the magic happens, utilising the latest technology and innovation to create perfect roasts. Grinders Coffee is the first coffee roaster in the southern hemisphere to invest in the V400 color sorter. The V400 Electronic Colour Sorter works to ensure that only perfectly roasted, whole beans make it into every bag.

The colour sorter uses a series of 16 cameras, eight colour and eight infrareds, which analyses the size, shape, colour and density of the beans, ejecting inferior product through a series of 288 air ejectors.

Through their membership with the Australian Coffee Traders Association and relationships with Huhtamaki, Caffitaly and Planet Ark, Grinders Coffee is committed to packaging neutrality by 2030, and continually working towards phasing out unnecessary and single-use packaging through improved design, innovation, or the use of recycled alternatives.

Behind their success is their field teams who are located right throughout the country, delivering specialised, high quality support for all their customers, big or small. It is what makes Grinders Coffee Roasters different to their competitors. They offer a tiered training program through classroom and in-café settings, share their knowledge and innovation learnings, offer extensive crop to cup coffee education, as well as build knowledge and practical skills.

Grinders Coffee Roasters is committed to delivering on their partners unique business needs by investing in them, helping them find the perfect coffee blend; and creating a memorable experience.

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