Half a million Hero condoms to be sent to Africa thanks to new distribution deal

Hero founder Dustin Leonard ctr
Hero founder Dustin Leonard (centre)

Highlighting the importance of the growing ‘conscious consumerism’ movement, major supermarket chain Woolworths has now joined the fast-growing network of Hero condom outlets in Australia. Hero condoms are stocked at a wide variety of retailers including City Convenience stores, IGA stores and by various pharmacy groups.

According to the latest Mobium Group research, Aussie consumers are now spending over $21.5 billion with socially driven businesses. Hero condoms are an Aussie brand with a great cause.

Hero is a condom company with a difference. Originally born from a postgraduate university assignment and later founded as a business, the longterm vision of the 28-year-old Sydney-based entrepreneur was to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS throughout Africa and the developing world, starting with Botswana.Hero

The company’s one for one mission means that for every Hero condom sold in Australia, one condom will be donated to a developing country. According to Dustin Leonard, Chief Executive Hero, “Our mission as a company is far greater than just making money. We’re focused on driving social awareness around a global problem and using the Botswana initiative as a catalyst for further projects in developing countries.”

“The conscious consumerism movement has only just begun in this country and Australian shoppers are showing overwhelming support for buying products that help drive social change.”

In a deal, which is a massive coup for the local condom company, Hero has announced its national distribution deal with Woolworths will see Hero condoms sold in more than 900 individual stores across Australia. This will enable Hero to significantly ramp up its donation drive and organise for 500,000 condoms to be sent to Botswana in the coming months.

“To date, we’ve sent about 75,000 condoms to Botswana already. Thanks to the support from Woolworths, we’ll be able to donate another half a million condoms in September, as well as continue working on a programme to provide antiretroviral treatment to pregnant women with HIV/AIDS,” Mr Leonard said.

For more information see www.herocondoms.com.au

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