Would you drink (or sell) black water?

blkCafes, gyms, health stores, and independent grocery stores across Australia are now selling black water.

blk. is a natural pure water with ancient, organic trace materials, balancing pH and electrolytes. And it is black. Yes, black.

Super foods are the latest craze and black water is set to create a new craze; super water.

Pronounced (bee  el  kay), blk. has taken the USA by storm, and this hot new style icon has recently arrived in Australia.

At its trade show launch at the Naturally Good Expo in Sydney during May, blk. proved so popular that it temporarily sold out. In fact, according to GAF Food director, Anna Foley, while “Demand for .blk has surged globally… there is almost a drought in Australia! Australians are thirsty for blk. In fact, they are the thirstiest in the world!”

Ms Foley told C&I that “Initially it was a hard sell, retailers didn’t really understand the product but the trade show changed all that. It’s incredibly popular. It’s a soft water, very smooth on the palette. In fact, if you closed your eyes while drinking it you wouldn’t know it was black.”

But why would you close your eyes? It’s black. And packed in a funky bottle that reveals the wording “Enjoy the dark side” once empty. Distinctive, different and in demand.

blk. is all-natural mineral water enhanced with fulvic trace minerals, and it is these minerals that give blk. its distinctive colour.

Fulvic minerals are organic minerals from prehistoric plants which combined with fulvic acids to gradually form rare fulvic mineral deposits. The fulvic minerals in blk. are obtained from the best possible source and processed with mountain spring water to make a ‘super water’. With 77 trace elements and pH 8 blk. offers serious hydration. blk. is a delicious beverage without any sugar, carbs or calories. blk. is here and it will defy your expectations.

So there you have it. Black water, the new super water.

Suggested retail price: $4.50. To stock blk. go to www.getblk.com.au

blk. is imported by GAF Foods, a privately-owned Australian company operating within FMCG. For over 20 years, GAF Foods has specialised in combing the globe for innovative new food concepts to deliver to the Australian and New Zealand retail market.


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