Harvest Snaps Revolutionises Snacking With New Black Bean Range

Launched in January 2017, Harvest Snaps is one of Australia’s fastest growing snack food brands. Driven by a passion for developing truly innovative products, and reinvigorating the stale snacking category, there’s a lot in the pipeline from this brand, including its latest release new Harvest Snaps Black Bean! That’s right Black Bean. Let me explain.

The breakout Australian snacking success story of recent years, Harvest Snaps – the pea crisp brand that has taken the nation by storm – achieved an RSV of more than $12.5M in the first 18 months; sales results that have been 70%+ incremental to the category and led to the product being stocked in over 3500 outlets Australia wide.

Off the back of this incredible success, Harvest Snaps is launching a new range – Black Bean Baked Crisps (yep, a baked crisp made out of black beans). A staple of South American cuisine for over 7000 years, it’s now set to become a popular Aussie snack, taking on the humble potato crisp!

Black Bean Baked Crisps, the latest product from Harvest Snaps, is both healthier and tastier than regular snacks (just like our original pea crisps!). And overcoming the health / taste trade off makes it a truly innovative snacking option.

Tim Maughan, Managing Director of Harvest Snaps’ mother company, Calbee Australia, said “This innovative new black bean snack breaks ground again – because of their incredible taste and texture, customers are going to keep coming back for more, just like they have with Harvest Snaps Pea Crisps”.

If recent consumer trends are anything to go by, this is likely to hold true. The rise of SMEs and the digitisation of grocery shopping has led to increasingly savvy shoppers who are looking for new experiences and authenticity – Harvest Snaps Black Bean Baked Crisps has both in spades.

With more protein, fibre and less fat and sodium than regular potato chips, new black bean Harvest Snaps truly harvest the power of nature. But where most healthier snacks are lacking, Black Bean Harvest Snaps deliver – they actually taste bloody good. Or as their tag line goes ‘Healthier. Tastier. Snap!’

This focus on both taste and health makes Harvest Snaps category leading and a growing force in Australia’s snacking landscape as Australians look for innovative and better for you snacks.

The debut range of Harvest Snaps Black Bean Baked Crisps includes Original Salted, Sour Cream and Chives, Paprika and Chilli and Lime.

There is now a healthier and tastier alternative to the potato chip – Harvest Snaps Black Bean Baked Crisps. Healthier. Tastier. Snap.
Stockist: Now available at Woolworths and Coles Australia-wide

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