New Hero range aimed at P&C shopper

Australian condom company Hero has released a new line of compact product packs aimed at the P&C shopper.

The new pocket packs, featuring two individually wrapped condoms, have already been very well received in the market, with distribution secured in hundreds of petrol and convenience stores nationwide.

The packs will also be featured inside interactive vending machines across a nationwide network of airports and Westfield shopping centres. Hero is also currently in discussions with other major retailers.

The pocket packs mark a new product category for Hero, whose range of Regular and Super Thin condoms are available on supermarket shelves at major retailers nationwide.

Hero CEO Dustin Leonard said the new Hero pocket pack was designed with the P&C shopper in mind.

“If you’re running into a convenience store for a spur of the moment condom purchase, a two‐pack, that fits in your pocket and costs less than traditional six or 12 packs, provides consumers with greater convenience and is better suited for the retail environment,” Mr Leonard said.

“It’s been great to see petrol and convenience outlets supporting our new pocket packs and joining us on our mission to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa,” he said.

“These condoms represent a big shift in the market. Never before has a two pack like this been sold in Australia. We’re bringing innovation to a market and creating an entirely new category of product.”

The increased reach and distribution enabled by the new pocket packs through petrol and convenience outlets like Puma Energy will assist Hero with its continued commitment to donate two million condoms to the people of Botswana in 2016, via their one‐for-one business model.

“We are committed to providing products customers want, when and where they need them, whether they live in a remote town or major city,” Mr Leonard said.

“Hero’s new pocket packs offer a more convenient option for customers, that meet the needs of local communities while also having a positive social impact on a global scale.”

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