Hi-Chew enjoys record December sales

Confectionery makers, Hi-Chew finished 2020 on a high having enjoyed record sales in the month of December.

The Japanese chew candy gained ranging through Coles supermarkets in May last year, and by mid-August, the brand reported its peg bags of Original Mix had ranked third in sales. Its Sweet & Sour mix was also close to the top 10 and its Tropical Mix made it into the top 20.

Hi-Chew is now expanding its line with two new peg bags. One is a 90g Soda Pop mix, featuring Cola and Lemonade flavours; the second is a 90g Yoghurt Mi, with Plain, Strawberry and Blueberry flavours.

It has also updated the flavours in its 100g peg bag of Tropical Mix, which now includes Mango, Pineapple and Orange.

“We had record sales in December,” said Terry Kawabe, Managing Director of Morinaga Asia Pacific Co., which distributes the famous Japanese chewy candy.

“In New Zealand, where we’ve been selling for years, sales have roughly tripled since 2017.”

In Australia, Hi-Chew is ranged at 270 Coles stores nationwide, as well as the 37 Daiso shops. In New Zealand, the fruit chews are sold at various retailers nationwide, including Pak ‘n Save and New World.

The other Hi-Chew products in ANZ are sticks in Grape, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Mango, plus peg bags of Original Mix (100g Grape, Strawberry, Green Apple), and Sweet & Sour (90g Lemon, Grapefruit, Watermelon).

“Hi-Chew has a proven inventory of nearly 200 flavours, and these new products have sold very well in other markets,” said Anthony King, Managing Director of Australian distributor Grocery Corporation.

“Young buyers like to try new things, and creative products like these are exactly what they’re searching for.”

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