Pringles gets its first makeover in 20 years

Pringles is kicking off 2021 with a fresh new look to its packaging, with even its iconic Mr P character getting a revamp.

This is the first time in 20 years that Pringles has updated the packaging of its cans, with the new design featuring bold hues and a fresh, clean look and feel.

Julius Pringle aka Mr P’s new look has been two years in the making, which includes the iconic character going completely bald.

In a statement, Pringles said: “Without hair, Aussies can notice Mr P’s other attributes, like his sparkling eyes and expressive eyebrows. His iconic moustache is also sleeker and more dynamic, with his bowtie as crisp as ever.

“Cheeky, happy, excited, energetic, or even enjoying a little kick, Mr P is ready to let you know how he feels. For the first time, Mr P will finally be able to express his emotions – what’s not to love about a man that can share his feelings?”

The new look Pringles cans make their way to supermarket and convenience shelves from this month. And while the outside of the cans have changed; the brand assures fans that the chips on the inside remains unchanged.

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