Hi-tech trends assisting supermarkets

Supermarkets are beginning to adopt hi-tech tracking and monitoring systems to stop customers from stealing from their stores.

The technology could spell the end of the traditional checkout, as there are a number of systems emerging, that allow customers to walk out of the store with their digital baskets.

Roger Simpson is the author of The Ultimate Retail Sales Experience said: “…I think it will take off because it suits a lot of customers because they just want to get in and get out quickly,” News.com.au reported.

“Supermarkets are easy because you know what you’re going in there for and you don’t need any assistance,” Mr Simpson said.

Woolworths is already trialing a ‘scan and go’ system, allowing customers to walk out of the store and have their purchases charged to them via a smartphone app.

Head of Payments at Woolworths Paul Monnington said the trial was about learning how customers interact with new systems.

“This trial is not only about testing new technology, it’s also about seeing how our customers and teams respond to a completely new style of shopping,” Mr Monnington said.

“As these systems get more sophisticated, the technology is going to improve to prevent these things [theft],” Roger Simpson said.

“This is where Amazon Go has really stepped up. My understanding is that as you go into the store, as soon as you pick up a product, because they’ve got sensors and cameras set up, it’s immediately put on your account. If you put it back again then it gets reversed off.

“It potentially reduces shoplifting to zero,” he said.



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