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Hype Energy launches new brand positioning as it rolls out nationally

Hype Energy has unveiled its new ‘Hack the Algorithm’ brand positioning and launched a new marketing campaign to raise the profile of its energy drinks in the Australian market.

Hype Energy Drinks was founded in 1993 and became well-known within the racing industry, especially through Formula 1. In 2000, former F1 racing driver Bertrand Gachot took ownership of the brand and started to redevelop the company’s objectives to achieve global distribution.

This year has marked a shift in Hype’s marketing strategy and global positioning, and following months of development, its new brand positioning has been unveiled.

In a statement, the brand said: “We’re excited to unveil our new ‘Hack the Algorithm’ brand positioning, focussing on digital media and content creation to further connect with our target consumers by getting into their daily content consumption habits.

“We value the mindset of making up your own rules to enjoy your own freedom, free from society’s pressure to perform in a specific way, it’s all about having fun and enjoying every moment as much as possible.”

After developing significant awareness and sales in selected markets, Hype Energy heavily invested in product development and innovation to become a functional beverage company, offering a wide variety of beverage categories to meet a wider range of consumer demands.

The brand will be rolling out its most successful flagship products in Australia, including:  

Hype Energy MFP: Hype’s take on the classic energy drink taste. You’ll recognize MFP by its unique trademarked carbon fibre design. Packed with 5 vitamins, MFP does not contain artificial colours or preservatives.

Hype Energy SugarFree: No sugar, no calories no compromises! MFP 100% guilt-free with no added sugar. The perfect option for health-conscious consumers.

Hype Energy Enlite: Pink is back in style! With a light berry taste, Enlite is the perfect refreshment with the same energy boost. Enlite contains only 10cal per 100ml and 20% of the sugar.

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