Fast Vibe premium on-the-go charger

The recent situation in the world has changed the way Australians choose to spend their weekends. Outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking and bike riding have become more favourable over spending time indoors. This is where the Fast Vibe Qi wireless solar power bank that is made especially for outdoor enthusiasts is ideal for keeping your devices charged and connected.

But it is more than just a portable solar power bank, currently there is nothing similar on the market. The Fast Vibe power bank offers both wireless and USB charging, it is light and compact, making it a great choice for powering devices while being in the great outdoors.

Having a huge 10,000mAh battery capacity, it is powerful enough to energize your tablet, smartphone or portable speaker multiple times without having to be recharged. It is equipped with dual flashlights that you can use in an emergency or if you simply need some light in dark areas and also contains a compass kit.

The Fast Vibe power bank supports pass-through charging, which means you can place your smartphone on the Qi-wireless feature or connect it to the USB output port while the power bank itself is being replenished. Thankfully, this power bank will never run out of charge due to the solar receiver.

Fast Vibe power bank is made of high-quality materials which make this power bank not only powerful but also very durable. This power bank has been tested to be shockproof and IXP5 waterproof, and even keeps the dust out of its internal structures. You can take it with you whenever you are going outdoors. The device is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones, both for Qi and USB output charging.

Solar Power your Journey today.

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