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IGA to undertake payroll audit

Retailers in the convenience industry will initiate fresh payroll audits following the recent admission by Woolworths that it underpaid nearly 6,000 salaried workers for the last 10 years.

IGA to look into payroll
IGA to look into payroll

A spokesperson for Metcash, which supplies independent supermarket chain IGA, said while the company conducted regular internal and external audits of its payroll, it would be double-checking its systems.

“Metcash has detailed policies and processes in place to ensure that our employees are paid correctly.  This includes having the payroll function subject to regular internal and external audits,” a Metcash spokesperson said.

“Our processes also include having robust checks in place to avoid the specific issues of underpayment raised in the media this week,” said the spokesperson.

“Despite this, we feel it is appropriate, as a responsible employer to again review our processes to ensure we are doing everything possible to make sure our employees are paid correctly.”



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