Violet Crumble celebrates anniversary

Violet Crumble celebrates anniversary

Australian iconic chocolate brand, Violet Crumble is this month celebrating one year of production back in Australia.

Having been purchased from Nestle by Adelaide-based family-owned chocolatier, Robern Menz, the bar has experienced huge growth in sales and distribution, secured a US export deal, and introduced a number of new formats to consumers including the Bag, Nuggets, a Dark Bar and a Golden Gaytime in less than twelve months.

In twelve months, Violet Crumble has seen a 50% increase in sales, attributed to expansion into the US, as well as the launch of new formats.

New distribution channels have been secured throughout Australia, with more Violet Crumbles on shelves in petrol and convenience, independent retailers and the big supermarkets.

A notable achievement for the Robern Menz team is employment growth of 40% in the last twelve monthsto meet production demand of Violet Crumble and to fuel further expansion.

Earlier in 2019, the company announced its acquisition of the Polly Waffle brand from Nestle and anticipates further growth of staff members ahead of its launch.

Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz comments, “Becoming custodians of a special Australian brand such as Violet Crumble is a huge honour and we’ve been thrilled with what’s been achieved over the past year.

We are very thankful to our valued customers for their support of Violet Crumble and to our dedicated employees.

“Introducing a number of new versions for people to enjoy, as well as growth internationally, has been so exciting for the whole team. What matters the most though, as a fourth-generation, family-owned South Australian company, is that we are in a position to create job opportunities for Australians, and be champions for nostalgic, much loved confectionery products that have a special place in people’s hearts.”

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