Industry shows its support for paid domestic violence leave

The Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) supports the Albanese Government’s Paid Domestic and Family Violence Leave legislation.

Introduced to parliament last week, the legislation would allow any Australian worker, including casuals, to access 10 days of paid domestic violence leave.

Theo Foukkare, CEO of AACS, said the legislation ensures that employees are provided a safe working environment whilst addressing any financial barriers that may prevent domestic or family violence victims from leaving dangerous situations that they find themselves in.

“If employees are faced with a situation where they need to use this paid leave, then they can have confidence that their weekly income is secured during this time.

“Whilst this may be seen by some as an additional operational expense, this move is a significant step in the right direction to protect Australians from dangerous situations when they need it.”

The legislation would come into effect from February 2023 for most businesses, but small businesses will be given an extra six months, until August 2023.

Foukkare said that to ensure the success of the new legislation, the Federal Government must work with employers to ensure they are educated on how to manage the risks associated with this type of violence.  

“For employers to be in a position to recognise and then react appropriately, they need to be trained in this area.

“AACS would like to see the Federal Government focus on helping educate all businesses with a particular focus on small and family private businesses along with the provision of resources to help them.”

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