OzHarvest’s “imperfect” orange juice arrives at Woolworths Metro

Juice For Good, an orange juice made from 100 per cent imperfect Australian oranges, has launched at 42 Woolworths Metro sites across Sydney.

Juice For Good, created by OzHarvest’s social impact business ForPurposeCo., was previously only available through vending machines across NSW, but Sydneysiders can now buy the juice from various Sydney Woolworths Metro stores.

Ronni Kahn AO, Founder and CEO of OzHarvest, said food waste in Australia is a $36 billion problem, with nearly half of all Aussie-grown fruit and vegetables not making it off the farm.

“Not only is Juice For Good a delicious drink, it’s helping to fight food waste and supporting Aussie farmers by finding a home for blemished oranges that aren’t perfect enough for the produce aisle.”

Consumers will not only be able to enjoy the drink but find solace in knowing they’re supporting a good cause, with a donation from every bottle sold going to OzHarvest to help provide a meal for someone in need.

Sam Sgambellone, who heads the operation, said as a social enterprise they are always looking for win-win situations where a customer gets a great product that does good along the way.

“Consumers today are conscious of the power of their spending to drive positive change and we are pleased to work with Woolworths to make it easy to do just that!”

To ensure there is absolutely no zero wastage, any extra bottles will be donated to schools in need.

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