Innovating Climate Solutions for a Better Future

Hussmann is a leading global leader of innovative refrigeration and food merchandising solutions, introduces its latest self-contained merchandising range: Multideck H1T and Semi-vertical SGN. Tailored for smaller stores, these solutions align with market trends and emphasize sustainability. Hussmann is actively transitioning all self-contained products to natural refrigerants, such as R290, aligning with sustainability goals and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to high-global-warming-potential synthetic alternatives. This commitment underpins Hussmann’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

The new range provides diverse options for different store formats, meeting consumer demands effectively. The Multideck H1T range, known for versatility, ensures optimal visibility and accessibility for various product categories, including chilled, frozen, ambient, hot/cold combinations, open merchandising, or doored solutions, accommodating different trading conditions. Its unified design facilitates effective merchandising and delivers a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

The semi-vertical SGN range focuses on space optimization in smaller stores, featuring a compact footprint and flexible configurations. Advanced refrigeration technology ensures precise temperature control and food safety. Both the Multideck H1T and Semi-vertical SGN ranges offer the integration of Hussmann Digital Solutions, such as Electronic Shelf Labels, Dynamic Video Rails, and Motion Displays. These innovations enhance in-store labor efficiency and elevate marketing campaigns.

As the retail landscape evolves, Hussmann continues to provide cutting-edge solutions that address changing customer needs while prioritizing sustainability. The new self-contained merchandising range addresses retailer challenges, improves store layouts, enhances product visibility, offers customizations for sales productivity, and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Gregory Heath | National Key Account Manager

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