The New Standard in Forecourt Inflation

Did you know in 2021, 4.62 million Australians rode a bike each week!? That’s a massive 40% of Aussies using pedal power as their means of transportation!   Cyclists are an incredible customer opportunity for service stations. Just like cars, bike tyres rely on accurate inflation.   To help meet the needs of this growing market, Airtec has released their latest inflation product: the Digital Vehicle & Bike Inflator, launching at C&i Expo 2023 in September!  

The upgrade costs under $900 and brings with it the benefit of servicing the 40% of Australians that regularly use their bike.

What’s in it for you?  

Think about it. If the average service station sale in 2022 was $10.74, that’s the equivalent of a bottled drink and snack food purchase. This is an easy sale to target those using your service station’s complimentary equipment.   By upgrading your digital forecourt inflation system to service the cycling market you open your customer pool to an entirely new customer profile. Perfect for stations nestled in CBD locations, suburban neighbourhoods or on route to popular cycling tracks.      

What are you waiting for?  
Enquire today to ensure your station meets the needs of ALL road users with the Digital Vehicle & Bike Inflator.  
1800 818 884
 40 George Street Thebarton, SA 5031

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