Introducing IndiHub – a community for independent supermarket owners

Dan Armes and Matt Ritson have launched IndiHub, a platform to support and unite independent supermarket owners in an increasingly competitive market.

Armes is a well-known figure in the retail fuel industry as the founder of ServoPro and a regular contributor to C&I Retailing Magazine. While Ritson has a large amount of experience in the grocery industry and most recently held an executive role with Metcash, the largest supplier of products to independent supermarkets. Between the two, they have a combined 40 years of retail experience.

They share a passion for helping independent retailers compete in competitive markets, believing that independents keep the majors honest and are important to ensure consumers get great service and the best pricing on the products they buy.

“Indie supermarket owners, like most business owners, often find themselves stuck in the day-to-day operations with little time to work on their business. They also face the ongoing struggle of remaining competitive against much larger supermarket chains that have a lot more resources to maximise profits,” Armes told C&I.

“IndiHub not only provides ways of reducing costs and maximising profits but also coaching and mentoring to ensure these indies can have a life outside of the business.”

Through ServoPro, Armes has worked with and helped more than 2,000 independent service station owners to save time and money and find a balance between running their businesses, family, and relaxation.

“I wanted to extend what I have built through ServoPro to the independent supermarket industry as they also try to navigate a highly competitive market dominated by much larger corporates.

“Independent supermarket owners should join IndiHub because being a business owner can be a lonely place. Becoming part of the IndiHub group gives them a sense of community and access to special pricing and deals on products and services usually only available to their much larger counterparts.”

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