Karats of KitKat Gold

The C&I choice for December/January is the smooth and luscious, KitKat Gold. This limited edition KitKat contains the unique wafer fingers known to the Nestlé brand, covered in a golden, caramelised chocolate.

While caramelised white chocolate is not new, it’s recently shot up in popularity and has resulted in many happy customers. Caramelised chocolate occurs when white chocolate is cooked/baked for a period of time, until it caramelises.

While the initial packaging said the product was limited edition, Nestlé said if it received enough positive feedback that it could potentially become a permanent fixture.

The flavour reportedly came about from the company’s development work in Australia.

“We have a lot of fun exploring different flavour profiles, and when we tasted this one, we knew we were on to a winner,” Nestlé said.

“We’ve ensured we’ve got the taste of the wafer in the finger right with the right chocolate flavour to go with it.

“This one is distinct because it’s made by caramelising the butter to give it its distinct flavour.”

KitKat Gold is available in a 170gram block and a 45gram block.

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