Karats of KitKat Gold

KitKat Gold. Source: Woolworths.

Nestle has launched it’s newest addition to the KitKat family, KitKat Gold.

Hot off the back of Cadbury’s Caramilk earlier in the year, KitKat Gold is a combination of the unique wafer known to the brand, covered in a golden, caramelised chocolate.

Nestle’s Head of Marketing Confectionary Anna Stewart told News Corp Australia that the flavour creation came through the company’s development work in Australia.

“We have a lot of fun exploring different flavour profiles, and when we tasted this one, we knew we were on to a winner,” she said.

“We’ve ensured we’ve got the taste of the wafer in the finger right with the right chocolate flavour to go with it,” she said.

“This one is distinct because it’s made by caramelising the butter to give it its distinct flavour,” she said.

While the initial packaging said the product was ‘limited edition’, but Ms Stewart said if it received enough positive feedback, it would likely become a permanent fixture.

“We encourage anyone who gets to try it to let us know their feedback on our Facebook page. We are always looking for customer feedback,” Ms Stewart said.

KitKat Gold is available in a 170gram block and a 45gram block.

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