US C-stores partner with CSAT

Convenience Stores Against Trafficking, Source:

Convenience Stores Against Trafficking (CSAT) has partnered with Ready Training Online (RTO) to provide online human trafficking awareness training called ‘Community Heroes: C-stores Stop Human Trafficking’.

As the second largest criminal enterprise in the United States, the training assists employees to understand the indicators of human trafficking.

Program director Juliana Williams said: “We are deeply appreciative of RTO for joining forces with CSAT to make our training and materials accessible for the entire c-store industry! Now more clerks and managers can recognize and safely report human trafficking situations or suspicions”.

The C-store industry also uses ‘Freedom Stickers’ which are posted in convenience store restrooms which are considered to be the safest place for a victim of human trafficking to call or text the hotline to seek help.

“With public restrooms, longer hours of operation, and more than 150,000 locations that serve half the U.S. population every day, we know that c-stores are perfectly positioned to be a part of the solution and lives will be saved as a result of this training,” Ms Williams said.

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