Kellogg’s to open cereal cafe

Kellogg’s will open its first pop up cereal cafe next week as part of its new initiative, ‘Open For Breakfast‘.

Open for one week from Tuesday, April 19 until Sunday, April 24, the pop up cafe is in partnership with Surry Hills eatery, Kawa. Kellogg’s says the menu, which includes cereal classics such as Coco Pops, Corn Flakes, Rice Bubbles and Special K, will also “inspire visitors to think about cereal in a different way and will feature brunch, lunch, decadent desserts and drinks – demonstrating how cereal can be enjoyed with other delicious ingredients”.

Other menu items include Coco Pops creamy hot chocolate; Rice Bubbles crusted decadent French toast with banana, maple syrup and crispy bacon; gluten free breakfast salad with fresh kale, spinach, crispy green apple, gluten free Special K and perfectly poached eggs; corn flakes crumbed chicken burger with homemade chilli mayo, ripe tomato and lettuce on a warm brioche bun; and Fruit Loops muffin cake with cereal milk icing.

The store is part of the company’s new initiative ‘Open For Breakfast’, an online protal that provides editorial content on its products and also allows customers to ask Kellogg’s questions about products. According to Kellogg’s it received 19,828 questions and suggestions in 2015, adding some questions and suggestions have led to business decisions such as its recently launched Nutri-Grain Ice Break and two new gluten free variants of Special K and Corn Flakes.

Kellogg’s says as the website builds momentum, the content posted will be direct answers to questions from everyone. In the meantime, Kellogg’s has already started covering off key topics of interest for a lot of cereal shoppers and eaters around Australia. Reponses by the Kellogg’s team will be posted to the site every week from nutrition, innovation, production and sustainability experts in the Kellogg team. Justine Schofield, cook and host of Everyday Gourmet, will also contribute editorial to the site.

Kellogg’s communications director, Rebecca Boustead, said:“Open For Breakfast is about giving anyone who is interested the chance to come and ask us about our foods or anything else to do with Kellogg’s and get answers straight from the people working here, making the foods and running the business.”

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