Outlast mornings with UP&GO Energize 500ml

45895 Sanitarium - 500ml Up&Go Energize Bottle - Render - Choc-horz

UP&GO Energize is soon to be launched in a new 500ml bottle, which was created to satisfy consumers’ need for a bigger serving size that delivers more product. Now with the convenience of a bottle, UP&GO Energize will help on-the-go shoppers get through the demands of their morning.

The trend towards protein continues to build momentum, and shoppers in the beverage category are no exception. Flavoured/functional milk consumers are thirsty for a high protein hit and protein is therefore a key claim across the brands competing in this space.

Energize is about to be even better competitively positioned, not only containing 33g of protein in its new 500ml bottle, but with a low GI rating to provide sustained energy*.

To support the launch, an unprecedented $4 million will be spent on a new shopper targeted, multi-channel campaign including a new TVC, with “Outlast Morning with slow release energy*” the central campaign message.

The new 500ml bottle will be available in Iced Coffee and Choc Flavour and will replace the current 250ml packs in the convenience channel.

*Enjoy UP&GO Energize as part of a balanced diet including low GI carbohydrates

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