Keri Juice Blenders have launched in Australia

CCA have today launched a new juice product called Keri Juice Blenders.

Targeting working adults and focused on their health and wellbeing, Keri Juice Blenders products are available in single serves and are pitched at the premium end of the juice market.

The juices come in 300ml bottles and are available in Orange (100% juice), Cloudy Apple (100% juice), Carrot, Apple, Orange, Lemon and Ginger (99.9% juice), Apple, Beetroot, Blackcurrant, Pomegranate and Hibiscus (99.9% juice), Apple, Pear, Cucumber, Kale and Gardena extract (99.9% juice)

Keri Juice Blenders also offer a 250 ml Fruity Drinks range in Orange (25% juice), Apple (25% juice) and Apple and Blackcurrant (25% juice).

The product is being promoted in stores nationwide via point of sale displays, as well as artwork and digital screens in a number of cafés and restaurants.

Social media influencers from Social Soup have been engaged to increase consumer awareness of the new range.

Keri Juice Blenders Brand Activation Manager Kate Solomon says,“Launching Keri Juice Blenders in Australia is a major move for the business and offers an exciting new option for health-conscious consumers to enjoy a vibrant and great-tasting product.”

According to CCA group general manager, Patrick Low, distribution has already exceeded internal targets.

“Keri has hit it out of the park so far. We had a distribution target of 20% – after 12 weeks we’re already above 30% in RECA and immediate consumption.

“In addition to distribution, we’re seeing strong re-order rates. Keri re-order rates after 12 weeks are above expectations across each flavour with orange and apple the highest for re-orders so far. So we’re extremely happy with Keri, and we’re expecting continued great results for our Keri customers as summer draws near,” Mr Low said.




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  1. I just love the Keri bottle of apple juice. But all I can find is the little ones. Would love to find out if I could buy a bigger bottle of that juice?

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