PERKii probiotic water launches in Australia

In a world-first, Queensland-based company PERKii has launched a range of probiotic water drinks.

Created to appeal to health-conscious consumers, and align with a wider market shift towards functional drinks, the new products were developed in partnership with scientists at the University of Queensland (UQ).

PERKii CEO Matthew Kowal says, “People are becoming more aware of the benefits in making choices that are positive to their health, and PERKii is tapping into a consumer move away from sugary soft drinks, sports drinks, juices and even plain water, and towards functional drinks.”

PERKii is a naturally flavoured drink that is low in sugar, lactose-free, has only 26 calories and contains more than one billion live probiotics.

“Unlike many other cultured drinks on the markets, we specifically use a well-research strain of probiotics that has extensive research to its effect in boosting the immunity and digestive systems,” said Mr Kowal.

Currently available in five fresh flavours, including strawberry and watermelon, elderflower and green tea, lime and coconut, mango and passionfruit, and raspberry and pomegranate, PERKii promotes gut health by delivering live probiotics encapsulated in ProGel beads.

PERKii is the only product using this world-first technology. The ProGel beads are made from naturally occurring polymers extracted from seaweed and are added to a beverage containing 85% water, natural flavours and fruit juice.

PERKii is stocked by the following wholesalers:

Fresh Food Enterprises
Fresh and Chilled
Green Clover


Fresh Food Enterprises


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  1. Hi we have tried your drinks and would like to sell them in our pharmacy can you please send thru the details of a wholesaler to order from

  2. Where can I buy your probiotics drink from supermarket or chemist New South Wales Liverpool

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