Bionic Bubble Gum back for a limited time

Paddle Pop has re-released its Bionic Bubble Gum flavour for a limited time.

After the success of the Caramel Choc Dip re-release earlier this year, Streets Ice Cream have decided to follow it up with another blast from the past – this time from 2002.

Streets Ice Cream Marketing Manager Scott Mingl says, “It wasn’t out of the blue that Bionic

Bubble Gum was the next old favourite Paddle Pop to re-release. Ever since Caramel Choc Dip hit

the shelves we’ve had a ridiculous number of requests to bring Bionic Bubble Gum back too.”

Available nationally, Bionic Bubble Gum is available for a limited time over the summer season.

The Paddle Pop Bionic Bubble Gum RRP is $1.50 (single serve) and the Paddle Pop Bionic Bubble Gum Multi Pack is RRP $6.99 (10 serves).

To see the full Paddle Pop range, click here.


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