Nutella’s moody advertising campaign

Shoppers’ facial expressions determined the advertising creative they saw for Nutella that, in a New Zealand and Australian advertising first, used facial mapping technology to determine their mood and personalised the creative to match.

Using the Kinect camera built into oOh!media’s fully interactive EXCITE panels, the facial mapping technology determined whether a shopper that engaged with the panel was happy, inspired or grumpy, and would subsequently display an ad for a new range of mood-labelled Nutella jars.

When not directly engaged by shoppers, the panels carried changing content depending on the shoppers walking by.

For example if a group walked past, the creative might have read, “Look at this dynamic duo!”, while if an individual walked by, it said things like, “You look STUNNING. Did someone say selfie?”

The campaign ran across all 15 EXCITE panels in NZ and 25 of oOh!’s Australian EXCITE panels.

The campaign, that ran on screens in New Zealand and Australian, concludes today.


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